Happy Labour Day

This Monday, September 3 is Labour Day, which is not only a chance to enjoy a day off from work, but also a chance to celebrate workers and the great social and economic achievements of the labour movement, from the eight-hour work day to a $15 minimum wage.

This holiday Monday, let’s remember the contributions of workers before us while recognizing our own contributions to society and the economy through our important work at this public institution of higher education.

Wishing you all a wonderful Labour Day long weekend and hoping it will launch you into an even better term ahead.


Members of CUPE 2424 stood strong and united throughout four weeks of the strike, and our solidarity was on display again Tuesday night as we voted ‘yes’ on the tentative agreement between Carleton University and the Union.

The membership ratification vote was attended by over 600 members who voted overwhelmingly in favour of the agreement. Members returned to work on Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

The fight for pension rights resonated with so many people. We received amazing and unparalleled support from every group and association on campus – students, faculty, security workers, maintenance and engineers – from the media, from groups outside Ottawa, and from outside Canada’s borders.

This bolstered our determination to defend our pension rights and the agreement that we ratified is evidence that we fought the right fight. The deal establishes provisions around pension rights in our collective agreement, guarantees the defined-benefit portion of our plan, and establishes a joint pension review committee, whose mandate includes a review of plan governance.

But perhaps most importantly, our strike has put pension rights on the agenda for other unions at Carleton, and beyond. Now, we’re all more aware of how important it is to be vigilant about protecting pensions for ourselves and for those to follow. We will continue to support each other and demonstrate our solidarity with others who take up the fight.


Tentative Agreement

CUPE 2424 and the employer have reached a tentative agreement. A membership ratification vote has been scheduled for tomorrow.

Picket lines will be suspended effectively immediately.

Members should not report to work tomorrow. Wednesday is the earliest possible day members could return to work if the tentative agreement is ratified.

Bargaining Update – March 29

The Union and the employer were unable to reach an agreement following another 18 hours in bargaining on Wednesday-Thursday. Mediation has not yet been terminated but no further dates have been decided at this time.

We want to thank members of the CUASA executive and bargaining team who joined the CUPE 2424 team in solidarity for nearly all of the last 18 hours. Your presence all day and night was truly an inspiration and your support will help carry us forward.

Bargaining Update – March 27

Member resolve is stronger than ever after the recent updates concerning a number of adverse amendments to the pension plan, including the potentially non-compliant amendment that has now been reported to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

We understand now, more than ever, the importance of maintaining pension protections in our collective agreement.

In keeping with this position, the Negotiating team has agreed to a meeting on Wednesday March 28th with the University and a proposed external mediator.

Bargaining/Strike Update – Picket Lines to Resume on Monday

As of March 19, we will remain on strike.

Your Negotiating Team worked extremely hard at the bargaining table with sincere efforts to find acceptable solutions for both parties, but our employer still refuses to negotiate in any meaningful way.

While the news that we are still on strike is disappointing, it is essential that 2424 members continue with the relentless solidarity and resolve that we have shown every single day.  Stay positive. Stay determined.

Bargaining update

CUPE 2424 Negotiating Team and the Employer will be returning to the table today. Members can expect an update by midnight tonight but should be aware, this may be just the beginning of more ongoing discussions. Picket lines are still set to resume tomorrow morning.