Bargaining Update

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the two Bargaining Info Sessions today! 

Given that both sessions reached capacity, we have arranged for another two Bargaining Info Sessions to take place tomorrow, February 15th:

McKenzie Building 3269 – 12PM – 1PM

McKenzie Building 3165 – 1PM – 2PM



Bargaining Update

We have scheduled information sessions over the lunch hours today in order to provide you with details about the latest bargaining developments and our recent step toward possible strike action.

We have arranged two sessions to hopefully accommodate everybody’s lunch breaks. Please note there may be a slight delay in starting the second info session as the Negotiation Team migrates between locations.

3101 Canal Building – 12-1 PM

435 St. Patrick’s Building – 1-2PM

Strike pay sign-up will be available at the meetings for members to get registered early in case of a strike.

We understand some members were not been receiving our latest updates. We have been working with ITS to resolve the matter which should now be corrected. Thank you for your patience.

Bargaining Update

CUPE 2424 met with the employer for another full day of bargaining yesterday, again with the assistance of a Conciliator from the Ministry of Labour. The parties engaged in a number of frank discussions throughout the day and were able to reach agreement on some issues, but major issues surrounding pensions and job evaluation remain unresolved.

We have agreed to another bargaining date on February 12 upon the recommendation of the Conciliator. This will be our 18th day in bargaining with the employer since July.

Bargaining Update

CUPE 2424 met with the employer for another full day of bargaining yesterday, assisted once again by a Conciliator from the Ministry of Labour. The parties exchanged packages of proposals but still with very little agreement. We bargained well into the evening yet remain without a deal.

The employer has largely failed to move on monetary proposals overall and has maintained its demand for major concessions.

We are considering the latest proposals and possible options and will continue to provide updates with any new developments.

Bargaining Update

The Negotiating Team met with the Employer and Conciliator on the first day of Conciliation on Tuesday for nearly 15 hours, ending at almost midnight. Day 2 of Conciliation continued Wednesday and following another full day and night of bargaining until almost 4 AM, we failed to reach a deal. The Employer has failed to move on major concessions against pensions and bargaining rights. CUPE 2424 and the Conciliator have proposed another date for Conciliation with our commitment not to file a No Board, the next step toward job action. We await the Employer’s response.

Strike Mandate Vote Results

2424 members voted overwhelmingly to support the Negotiating Team up to and including strike action during the two-hour strike mandate vote on Monday, October 16.

Over 63% of the membership came to cast their vote with 93% voting in favour. The message is clear. We will not stand for major concessions.