Committee Chair Members
Communications Committee

Shall consist of appointed members from the general membership. The function of this committee is to two-fold: first, to organize and promote regular vehicles of communication whereby the Union may advise the membership of pertinent developments and matters of general interest and second, to respond to and determine the educational needs of the membership.

Alaba Agbatogun Jerrett Clark (Ex Officio, President)

Leslie MacDonald-Hicks (Ex Officio, VP Internal)

Hasi Eldib

Nick Ward

Greg Allison

Leo Solano

Disability Action Committee

Shall consist of appointed members from the general membership who have disabilities, whether physical, sensory or mental, either permanent or temporary in duration. It shall be responsible for determining and responding to the needs of disabled members with respect to promoting best practices for access and full inclusion in the workplace (prevention and removal of barriers for members with disabilities). The committee will plan, organize and promote the necessary activities toward this end.  The committee will also identify current and emerging issues for workers with disabilities and build awareness and understanding of the impact illness and disability have in the workplace.  The committee will work cooperatively with other committees to gather and disseminate information about rehabilitation, duty to accommodate, and disability management.

Elections Committee

Shall consist of the Internal Vice-President and appointed members of the general membership. The function of this Committee shall be to administer all elections. The Committee shall appoint one or more electoral officers for each election. Electoral officers shall not be a candidate in any election over which they preside. The Committee shall endeavour to ensure that there is at least one nominee for each office.

Charles Singh
Grievance Committee

Shall consist of at least five appointment members of the general membership. The function of this committee shall be to ensure that the provisions of the collective agreement are enforced in a fair and equitable manner through the grievance procedure.

Sarah Ripley Phulesar Jerrett Clark (Ex Officio)

Leslie MacDonal-Hicks (Ex Officio)

Etelle Bourassa

Sarah Cleary

Andrew Yuill

Health and Safety Committee

Shall consist of a minimum of five appointed members of the general membership. Every attempt should be made to have representation from various areas of campus. The Committee shall meet no less than 5 times per year, at least 2 weeks prior to the Joint Health & Safety Committee meetings. The Chair of the committee is a voting member of the Executive Board.

Graham Galway Jerrett Clark (Ex Officio)

Leslie MacDonald-Hicks (Ex Officio)

Kim Heuff (Joint Health & Safety Committee)

Samantha Shortt (Joint Health and Safety Committee)

Linda Cruz (Joint Health and Safety Committee)

Jobs Committee

Shall consist of 5 appointed members of the general membership. This Committee shall be responsible for dealing with issues related to job evaluation, pay equity and redeployment.


Jo-Anne McFarlan

Jerrett Clark (Ex Officio)

Leslie Macdonald-Hicks (Ex Officio)

Lindsay Denison

Karen Martin