Zone Officers are responsible to the members in their zone. Their duties include ensuring that the collective agreement is enforced, providing assistance to members of the bargaining unit in the preparation of legitimate grievances, representing the wishes of their members at the Executive Board, welcoming new employees, and encouraging all employees to participate in the Union.

Have a question about the Collective Agreement? Have a concern? Contact your Zone Officer.

Zone Buildings Zone Officer Phone Extension
Zone 1 Architecture
Physical Recreation Centre
Maintenance Building
Nesbitt Biology Building
Ice House
Fran Craig x 7171
Zone 2 Robertson Hall
Admissions Services
Awards Office
Business Office
Equity Services
Print Shop, The
Parking Services
Safety, Department of University
Undergraduate Recruitment
Karen Martin x 1992
Zone 3 Robertson Hall
Communications, Department of University
Computing and Communications Services
Creative Services
Office of Chief Advancement Offcier
Pension Fund Management
Erenia Hernandez Oliver x 1795
Zone 4 Dunton Tower
Steacie Building
Herzberg Laboratories
Samantha Shortt x 8195
Zone 5 Tory Building
Tunnel—Mail Services
Life Sciences
Social Science Research Building
Nikki Mayville x 6517
Zone 6 MacOdrum Library
Azrieli Pavilion
Margaret McLeod x 8943
Zone 7 Loeb Building
Paterson Hall
Southam Hall
Richcraft Hall (River Building)
ARISE Building
Renee Lortie x 8113
Zone 8 St. Patrick’s Building
Mackenzie Building
Minto Building
Residence Commons
Tasneem “Jazz” Ujjainwala x 5770