Lenore Gale, Vice President Internal at CUPE 2424, works at the Sprott School of Business as the Professional Development and Graduate Internship Coordinator where she provides career support for graduate business students. She’s been working at Carleton for almost 8 years, after graduating from the Master of Business Administration program at Sprott.

Lenore first joined CUPE 2424 as VP External in 2019 before moving in to the VP Internal role in 2021. Her interest in the union comes from the same place that her interest in career services comes from, a passion for helping people have career success and happiness in their workplaces. This arose from her personal experience struggling to find meaningful and sustainable work after her undergraduate degree due to the recession at the time. That experience made her want to help others both overcome struggles in finding stable and satisfying work and to advocate for better workplaces.

Lenore also has a background in the arts as a visual artist, and is President of the Board of Directors of Arts Network Ottawa – an arts service organization that has provided resources, opportunities, and advocacy for the arts community in Ottawa for over 35 years. This role allows her to develop leadership skills in leading an organization that supports the career development and success of artists.

Shaundel Dottin-Agim is the Vice President External at CUPE 2424 and the Recruitment Events Coordinator in the Undergraduate Recruitment Office. In this role, she oversees critical events geared toward attracting prospective students. Since she graduated from Carleton in 1998, Shaundel has devoted almost 25 years to her career at the university, showcasing a steadfast commitment.

Within CUPE 2424, Shaundel has undertaken diverse roles, including Zone Representative, Grievance Committee member, Joint Health and Safety Committee participant, and Chair of the Communications Committee. She actively contributes as a founding Racial Justice Committee (RJC) member, where she spearheads communication initiatives. Her advocacy is centered on amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals, underscoring her profound commitment to promoting inclusivity.

Shaundel is a Certified Quality Event Planner, affirming her meticulous planning and execution skills in delivering events of the highest standard. Her diverse skill set positions her as a dynamic and well-rounded professional, excelling in fostering mental well-being, optimizing processes, and orchestrating successful events.

As an accomplished professional, Shaundel has completed the Master Certificate Program in the Management of Workplace Mental Health and Psychological Safety, demonstrating her profound understanding of fostering psychologically healthy work environments. Additionally, her successful participation in the Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certificate Program underscores her leadership expertise in workplace mental health.

More importantly, beyond her training in mental health management, Shaundel also holds a Certificate in Process Management, showcasing her ability to optimize and streamline organizational processes. This multifaceted approach to professional development underscores her dedication to holistic workplace improvement.